Dr. Raposo and all the staff at Alpine Valley are incredibly caring and knowledgeable. I was very apprehensive about having my wisdom teeth removed and after visiting a couple other surgeons in boulder who were very disappointing I was at a loss. I went in to Dr. Raposo's and was shocked with the high level of care and kindness that I received from everyone working there. Had all four wisdom teeth removed with Nitrous sedation after all other surgeons in boulder told me this would be impossible without IV sedation. Overall the process was far less painful than anyone else I've talked to who had the same procedure. The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful and managed to get me in several times at the last minute for check ups. I could not be more happy to recommend Dr. Raposo to anyone in need of oral surgery.

Michael S.

Dr Raposo and Staff were fantastic when treating my 13 year old niece. He did a great job of explaining the procedure and making her (and parents) feel comfortable through the entire process. I would highly recommend Alpine Valley Oral Surgery.

Jerry K.

Oral surgery can be scary to some people! My teenage son had his wisdom teeth extracted by Dr. Raposo and I can say that he is both an amazing surgeon and a thoughtful person.

He is highly skilled in his craft and truly cares about getting the best results for his patients. During initial consultations, he takes as much time as needed to thoroughly explain your situation, answer your questions, and develop a mutually acceptable game plan so the care path is clear and there are no surprises.

His caring extends to the level of comfort he creates for his patents as evidenced by the numerous options available for sedation and pain mitigation.

If you want a surgeon and staff that are truly on their game, you need to go Alpine Valley for top-notch care!

Sam M.

Dr. Raposo is the absolute best. Not only has he been a great doctor to our children and their genetic oral challenges (think: small mouths, lots of teeth), but he has also been incredible in moments of urgent need (think: broken front teeth from sports). He is the consummate professional, always putting his patients first and ensuring their comfort and best outcome. I really could not recommend Dr. Raposo any more highly than I do!

Jason V.

Dr. Raposo is excellent. He has performed surgery on all 3 of my children. I am a physician and surgeon, practicing in Boulder county.
Dr. Raposo has excellent clinical judgment and surgical skills. All of my children did well both at the time of the procedure under a combination of local anesthesia and intravenous sedation. The office staff were attentive and helpful with questions my wife had afterwards during their recovery.
My kids all were happy with their experiences. The youngest was 12 when she had multiple dental extractions, and was comfortable with the injections and IV placement.

David M.

Thank goodness I found an oral surgeon that was able to get me in right away, when in excruciating pain. Dr. Raposo and his staff were great and walked me through every step of the way, from insurance to day of surgery. I will definitely recommend him to anyone and EVERYONE!

Brittani G.

Dr Raboso is amazing he explained everything perfectly to me as well as to my kids . Dr Raboso took a lot of the fear away.

Sabine J.

Dr Raposo and his staff were very kind and informative during our daughters wisdom tooth extractions. We had a high level of anxiety due to a past procedure (elsewhere) and they kept our daughter at ease and comfortable throughout. We could not have asked for a better experience. Thank you!

Anne G.

Brought my son in to get his wisdom teeth removed. Love the staff and Dr. Raposo was great! The best part is that he doesn't use narcotics in his IVs, so when we left after the appointment he didn't have all the side effects. He healed quickly and never even had to fill his pain med prescription!

Stephanie D.

Dr. Raposo and staff have treated both of my daughters multiple times and every experience has been great! Both girls had teeth extracted to prepare them for braces and recently my oldest daughter had her four wisdom teeth extracted. Every visit has went smoothly and without complication! We refer all of our family and friends to Dr. Raposo because he is the BEST!

Rick F.

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